10 Reasons It Rocks to Be a Bride

Beautiful bride posing under veil

As soon as you get engaged, you will discover that there is something truly magical about being a bride.

The entire process of preparing and hosting a wedding is an unforgettable experience, and getting to be the star of the day is truly an awesome event, and (hopefully) a once in a lifetime experience. So enjoy it!

Being a bride allows you to enjoy many amazing experiences that you will most likely never do again.

It can be easy to get focused on the stress of wedding planning, but be sure to take the time and appreciate these 10 things about being a bride and why it totally rocks.

You Have a Day That Is All About You

Your wedding is the one day it is okay to be selfish. You and your partner will be the center of attention, and all of your needs will be met by a dedicated team of friends, family members, and professionals who want the best for you. You end up getting to see what it feels like to be a glamorous movie star for one day as everyone wishes you the best and takes pictures with you. Even if you aren’t a naturally self-centered person, it is still a really entertaining experience.

You Get to Reconnect With Family and Friends

When you are getting married, your nearest and dearest will be traveling to spend time with you and your new spouse. This is a great chance to see old friends and family members who live far away. Even if you do not have time to spend with each individual person, just getting to see them and talk to them at your wedding will be truly heartwarming.

You Can Splurge on Your Wedding Dress

Shopping for wedding dresses is so fun that some women are tempted to do it even after they are already married. Getting to try on beautiful dresses while attentive salespeople hunt down your ideal styles is really a blast. And since it is such a big occasion, you do not have to try to justify spending a little more than normal. This is really your chance to splurge on something beautiful.

You Have a Lot of Quality Time With Your Girlfriends

Nothing unites women as quickly as weddings. In the days leading up to your big day, you get to spend hours planning things and going to events with the women who will be your bridesmaids. The time you spend getting ready with all the special ladies in your life is an excellent way to strengthen your friendships and let your friends know how much you cherish them.

You Enjoy Countless Free Cake Tastings

For the women who love desserts, one of the best things about being a bride is picking your caterer and bakery. You get to spend hours trying out different cake flavors at different locations. At your reception you may not have more than a slice or two, but there will definitely be leftovers to enjoy later. Some couples like to freeze a slice to eat on their one year anniversary, so you get to enjoy traditions that are both yummy and romantic.

You Receive Some Really Great Gifts

When you are a bride, you can expect to receive some amazing gifts from well-wishers. Your wedding registry should include practical items, but it is also the ideal place to ask for those beautiful curtains or stylish plates that you’ve been dreaming of. In addition to all of the great household presents, many brides also end up with a lot of cash presents that can be put towards anything else their home needs.Even if you do not need a lot of material things, it is nice to see your loved ones thinking of you.

You Can Relax and Pamper Yourself

Being a bride is often associated with a lot of stress, so many people will go out of their way to give you time to relax. In the days leading up to your wedding, there will be a lot of fun opportunities to pamper yourself. Whether you are having a spa day with your bridesmaids or just enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet before the ceremony starts, being a bride really reaches you the value of relaxation. It does not have to be stressful if you do it right.

You Get to Plan a Honeymoon

Part of the fun of going on a vacation is in the planning, and making all the decisions for a honeymoon is one of the best vacation experiences. A lot of hotels and tourist attractions offer great honeymoon packages, so you can examine all the fantastic deals and find something that works for you and your fiance. Whether you like relaxing on tropical beaches or having an adventure in the mountains, preparing for the honeymoon is part of the fun of being a bride.

You Make Countless Memories

When you are a bride, you get to create memories that will last a lifetime. All of the little things about being a bride like taking pictures with your family and feeding cake to your new partner become even more meaningful when you realize they are events you will remember for years. Being a bride provides countless opportunities to do things you will later look back on fondly.

You End Up Marrying Your Best Friend

Of course the best part of being a bride is the end result. After the end of your big day, you get to look forward to building a life together with your best friend and your partner. Being a bride lets you celebrate your love and create a permanent bond with the person you love. Everything else incredible about being a bride will pale in comparison to the moment who you are looking your partner in their eyes and saying your vows to each other. This is truly the number one reason that being a bride rocks!

Over to You…

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