17 Inspiring and Unique Backdrops for Your Ceremony That Are Not Just Flower Arbors

Beautiful wedding ceremony with couches - like a living room!

Depending on where you have decided to have your ceremony, you may be trying to decide what kind of backdrop you would like to have behind you as you say “I do.”

There are so many possibilities for a ceremony backdrop!

Many couples consider a traditional flower arbor, but in this post I wanted to give you some alternative ideas that you may not have even realized existed.

Do you need to go all out and have an elaborate backdrop for your wedding?

Of course not.

But for those brides that just want to have something a bit more unique framing them as they proclaim their love, these backdrops are certainly something to think about.

Plus, I have to admit, these pictures caught my eye in such a way that I just felt I had to share them with the world!

Please enjoy all of these unique ceremony backdrops!

Beautiful large tree, lake, and flower arbor wedding ceremony backdrop

Who said you can’t just utilize what nature already has? Although this bride had a flower arbor, the fact that they plopped it in front of this giant, amazing, beautiful tree gives it a prime spot on this list.

Also, the lake gives another dreamy quality that makes this whole setting so peaceful.

Heart shaped tree trunk wedding ceremony backdrop in the woods

Ok, how awesome is this for a ceremony backdrop? Normally, I am personally not a huge fan of heart shaped decor, but this tree trunk is just too amazing! This would be such a great backdrop for any nature lovers out there.

White and Ivory flower, lantern, candle, and fabric draping wedding ceremony backdrop

Perhaps a more traditional look, but absolutely gorgeous. I love the romantic and elegant look of this draped fabric, along with the ivory draped flowers. The accent pieces of the lanterns, candles, birdcages, and flower arrangements on the sides really polish this look off. This would be great if you are going for a dramatic, but elegant look.

Secret garden vintage doors and hedges wedding ceremony backdrop

The secret garden? That is so perfect for an outdoor ceremony. This look gives off a wonderful shabby chic vibe with the old doors surrounded by hedges that make it look like you are about to enter a maze. Add some vintage touches like the chairs wrapped in moss and you have your secret garden backdrop!

Books, moss, and flowers wedding ceremony backdrop

I have to admit, my fiance and I are avid book lovers. We have already planned our lovely ceremony backdrop, but I wish I would have seen this earlier! This wall full of a mixture of flowers, books, and moss is incredible. I even love how the books are open so the pages are fluttering!

Paper lantern and streamer fun wedding ceremony backdrop in the woods with blues, teal, aqua, and white

For those looking for a more casual and fun look, these streamers and paper lanterns take the cake. Just find a couple of trees in the woods to bring some intimacy to the mix, and you have a fun loving ceremony that will make your guests think you are the coolest couple ever!

Red, white, and maroon flowers wedding ceremony backdrop

You clearly don’t have to have a tall backdrop to have a beautiful ceremony spot. Take a look at this ground up approach, literally. This stunning flowers look like they were planted just so this couple could stand in their embrace to pronounce their vows.

Cloth boho colorful wedding ceremony backdrop

Looking for a more boho look? Check out the cloth this bride put together to make a colorful and unique frame for her and her honey.

Garden draping with greenery and flower pedestals wedding ceremony backdrop and arbor

For this backdrop, some savvy person out there actually utilized some greenery bushes and put some drapery in front of it. Add beautiful flowers and the result is really amazing. This is such an elegant look to bring to an outdoor garden wedding. Also, side question, does anyone else think it looks like the flower pedestal is standing on top of the other one?

Rustic tree stump and moss with old bottles log cabin wedding ceremony aisle and backdrop

This wedding couple actually put together a wedding arch made out of tree stumps and then accented it with greenery and moss. The wall by itself would be stunning, but add a moss aisle and accents such as old bottles and lanterns, and you have the perfect rustic ceremony look!

Beautiful wisteria tree wedding ceremony backdrop

No extras here. Just a stand alone amazing wisteria tree that is to die for (and maybe a little bit of extra lighting). Can you imagine standing in front of this while gazing at the one you love? Sometimes all you have to do is look around you to see if you find something naturally beautiful.

white paper lanterns and balloons all you need is love wedding ceremony backdrop

How fun is this?! This DIY bride went all out with her paper lanterns, huge balloons, string lights, and large white hanging paper fans. The “All Your Need Is Love” sign is a perfect tribute to The Beatles (and who doesn’t love The Beatles?) and the bride finished the look off with some shiny silver confetti down her aisle that just works. Although upon describing this decor one may think this is over the top, but I think this fun look was pulled off in such a classy way that it could charm luxury bridal mags anywhere!

Vintage shabby chic books and living room wedding ceremony backdrop with teal blush pink and coral

This backdrop is actually a mixture of 2 others in this post. The living room look mixed with the books on the wall is so awesome! However, this bride also added “fireplace,” (and I loooove fireplaces, especially with a good book) which gave her the perfect mantle to put her flower decor.

Also, the colors in this ceremony are incredible. This bride did such a beautiful mix of pinks, corals, and teal to give her the ultimate vintage vibe. I am noticing a lot of vintage in this post…seeing any trends ladies?

Rose garden brick wall with pink and red flower wedding ceremony backdrop

Sometimes a classic garden wall does wonders! This brick wall accented by trailing flowers, flower bushes, and gorgeous pink, red purple, and coral roses make you feel that you are truly in an enchanted rose garden.

White or ivory elegant fabric draped wedding ceremony backdrop with mirrors

Back to a classic white look, and it is divine! Some simple sheer draping paired with beaded crystal string beads and flanked by tall white trees give this a polished flair.

Wooden doors on beach wedding ceremony backdrop with rustic feel

Simple, yet charming. Drop a set of any type of door anywhere and fix it up however you like. There is so much you can do with this idea! (Did you see the secret garden look above?)

Soft green living room wedding ceremony in a park with couches, window panes, flowers, and picture frames

This is the grand finale. This couple actually made a living room in the middle of a park! There are so many amazing details in this wedding I just can’t get over it.

Guests start by walking past an umbrella holder and a basket of firewood as if they are walking into the threshold of a home. Next, they pass under a breathtaking garland of beautiful flowers that are strung between window panes to enter the “living room.”

Seating is an assortment of couches, lounge chairs, other living room chairs, really setting the mood and giving a comfy cushion for your tush.

The backdrop itself gives the final finishing touch with its large central window pane, various pictures, and even a clock on a wall. A vintage love seat holds another beautiful flower arrangement. Can you imagine getting married in this full on outdoor living room?

Over to you…

Which look is your favorite? Do you have another idea for an alternative wedding ceremony backdrop? Post in the comments below or post your pictures on Instagram with #yourweddingvision!


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