5 Full on Templates You Can Steal to Write Your Wedding Thank You Notes…You’re Welcome!

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So you made it through the crazy planning, the DIY projects, the family frenzy, and the blink of an eye that was your wedding. At this point, you probably just want to sleep and actually eat (since we all know you didn’t get to eat your wedding food very much), look through all of your gifts that you got, and just generally recover from all the craziness.

However, one of the last items on your entire wedding checklist is still waiting for you…writing thank you notes. AND YOU DEFINITELY CANNOT SKIP THIS ITEM!

I am all about picking and choosing different wedding traditions to actually use for your day. But all of your friends and family came out to support you while you declared your love, many of them probably got you a gift, and they definitely all deserve a big thank you.

Oh, and they need to be hand written notes, no exceptions!

You are probably dreading this task and your brain is so fried that you are not sure you can come up with the warm, heartfelt thank you notes that you would like to treat your peeps with.

No worries! That is why I have included a nice grouping of templates that you can literally steal and plagiarize to your heart’s desire. That way, it will go faster, you don’t have to jump start your brain as much, and you can quickly get back to spending time as a newlywed with your sweetie.

Each thank you has a few basic parts, and you can feel free to mix and match the different parts until it fits for you. You have your intro thank you, your gift thank you, and your closing thank you as a part of each template. You usually want to try and somewhat make it more personal, which you can usually do in the gift section by telling the guest how you plan on using their specific gift. If they didn’t get you gift, then the personalization changes a little, but I have an example of that below as well.

So without further ado, let’s get to those templates!

For a friend or family member who came to the wedding AND got you money:

Hint: Do not put the cash amount. Just leave it at what you plan on using it for.

Dear ___________,

Thank you so much for being with us on our big day! We had an amazing time, and we are so happy you were there supporting us. We are so grateful for your generous gift, and look forward to [using it for our trip to _______ for our honeymoon; using it for a down payment on our new home; using it to set up our new lives together; etc]. Thank you again for joining us for our marriage celebration! It really meant the world for us for you to come.

Love, [& Already Miss,] (if close – otherwise just sign your first names)

Bride and Groom

For an acquaintance who came to the wedding AND got you a physical gift:

Hint: Don’t forget you can mix and match for all of these templates!

Dear ____________,

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us for our wedding. We loved your wonderfully thoughtful gift of [pottery; towels; a personal picture frame; etc] and [it is already on our mantle, making our home stylish; we look forward to using it for years to come; etc]. Again, we are so delighted you could join us in our marriage celebration. Thank you again!

Bride and Groom

For a wedding party member:

Hint: You will probably want to incorporate some specifics on this one and make it longer. For example, if they made a toast, or helped decorate for hours, etc, you probably want to mention that. 🙂 Also be sure to include a “gift clause” if they got you a gift!

Dear _____________,

Thank you so much for being a huge part of our wedding and standing by our side! We had the best time and we’re so happy to have you there supporting us every step of the way. Thank you for being such an amazing help throughout every little thing that came up. You were amazing in looking out for us and really helped make sure everything was perfect. We can’t imagine the day without you, and we are so grateful to have you as such a great friend. Thank you again for being there while we declared our love. You helped make our day truly special and full of memories.


Bride and Groom

For someone who did not attend the wedding, but sent a gift:

Dear _____________,

Thank you for thinking of us for our wedding. We are sorry you weren’t able to attend, but please know you were definitely missed! We wanted you to know we received your gift of [pottery; towels; a personal picture frame; etc] and [it is already on our mantle, making our home stylish; we look forward to using it for years to come; etc]. Thank you again for such a lovely gift, your warm wishes, and generosity.

Love & Miss, (if close – otherwise just sign your first names)

Bride and Groom

For someone who attended the wedding, but did not give a gift:

Dear _______________,

We are so happy that you were able to share our day with us. Thank you for helping make it so special! We wanted to make sure we let you know how much fun we had with you there – [you can definitely cut a rug!; some other personal comment; or just leave without extra comment]. Thank you again for joining us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Bride and Groom

Happy thank you writing everyone! Be sure to exchange hand massages with your honey, because you will definitely get hand cramps!


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