Bridal Buzz: Dip Dye Dresses, Puppies in a Wedding, DIY Pies in a Jar, Fall Floral Crowns, and More!

This week’s most popular topics included some of my favorite things! Dip dye dresses, fall flair, and puppies, oh my!

Plus, I have a great planning hack for choosing your wedding date.

Oh, and did I mention there is a giveaway for some awesome hand painted wooden chair signs at the end of this post? I know, we are cool.

Be sure to read this week’s Buzz with some apple cider in hand…fall is here!

What’s Hot…Dip Dye dresses

If you haven’t heard of this amaaaaaazingness yet, I am ecstatic that I could be the first to tell you! This is one of the best trends I have seen…ever. I really hope some brides are bold enough to carry this out. If that happens to be you, pleeeeaaaase send me a pic! OK, I’m done stretching out my words now.

Here are some awesome examples of dip dye dresses…

…starting with my favorite!

This beautiful look is definitely one of my favorites, and for good reason!The color matching this bride did is unbelievable and so trendsetting. I mean, can you honestly say she got this idea off Pinterest? I certainly have never seen it before! Her gorgeous dress matches her flowers perfectly, and even her hair!

Here are 3 more dip dye dresses that are even available for you to get if you want! Check it out:

Blue Ombre Dip Dye Dress from Etsy

Available on Etsy by Sweet Caroline Styles for $1,170

Pink Ombre Dip Dye Dress on Etsy

Available on Etsy by Mink Maids for $2,800

Grey Ombre Dip Dye Dress from Etsy

Available on Etsy by Truvelle for $1,677

Planning Hack – Picking Your Wedding Date

This article will literally walk you step by step through how to pick your wedding date including time of year, day of week, and more!

Wedding season ideas for picking your wedding date: Spring summer fall winter cakes, venues, flowers, themes, look, and feel

It’s Time to “Fall in Love”

Fall is here as of this week! And so I am bringing you a whole mess of fall awesomeness. Now go jump in a leaf pile wearing a flannel.

Seasonal Colors

I think the Bridal Guide and Colin Cowie Weddings came out swinging with some awesome color palettes this week to “fall in love” with.

Here is a smattering of trending palettes:

Fall Inspired Hair Pieces

I am absolutely loving the woodland look of head wreaths. So glad they are trending! Here are some fall head pieces to swoon over:

Orange Floral Fall Crown

Orange Fall Floral Crown Available on Etsy by thehoneycomb for $95

Baby's Breath Floral Head Crown for Hair

Baby’s Breath Crown available on Etsy by BudgetWeddingBouquet for $32.95

Burgundy Fall Hair Clip

Burgundy and Gold Hair Clip available on Etsy by thehoneycomb for $95

Lace Gold Bronze Hair Clip

Lace Gold Hair Clip available on Etsy by thehoneycomb for $70

BERTA Couture Fall Collection Dresses

Dramatic bridal designer BERTA just decided to launch a Fall / Winter eveningwear line. It is definitely couture to the max. Here are some of the best:

Autumn num num Cakes

In keeping with the fall theme…here are some awesome cake, or ahem cupcake ideas!

Fall wedding cupcake tower with leaves of orange and red.Fall wedding cake with brown, orange and red leaves

You should also definitely check out these awesome autumn berry inspired cakes by the Cake Geek! Here is a taste…


DIY Flower Girl Pumpkin Basket

This basket turned out A-DOR-ABLE. It is really on trend with the soft greenery I am seeing these days…and it goes along with the fall theme, win win! Cue the awwwwws as it goes down the aisle. Or that could just be because of the cute little pumpkin holding the pumpkin….if you know what I mean. 🙂

Category: DIY Decor

DIY Level of Toughness: easy peasy

Wedding Timeline: can do way ahead!

Here is the tutorial

DIY Pie in a Jar Favors

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness. I can’t get over how cute these little pies in the jar are! I am posting them here as a possible favor idea, but really they could be brought to any event and people will seriously think you are the best suzy homemaker, pinteresty person ever.

Category: DIY Favor

DIY Level of Toughness: hmmm, medium

Wedding Timeline: Can last a week to a week and a half

Already Done for You Pies In a Jar

Want the cute little pies in the jar for your favors but DON”T WANT THE DIY? No worries! You can actually buy them here pre-made in a whole mess of different flavor choices!

Pie in a Jar Wedding Favor with Peach Ribbon

Flavors include: Apple, Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pumpkin, and Cherry

Real Weddings

Charlie the dog

It’s time to tear up just a little with this heartbreaking story that broke this week from a Colorado bride’s wedding.

What Happened?

An adorable black lab named Charlie was dying of a brain tumor at the tender age of 15. His veterinarian parents lovingly decided to have him be a part of their wedding day. Problem was, Charlie couldn’t make it all the way down the aisle. Cue the bride’s 5′ 3″ sister having to pick him up and carry him the rest of the way….and the tears.

Where is Charlie now?

Unfortunately Charlie passed away a few days after the wedding. But at least he got to be a part of the wedding memories that the bride and groom will now always share.


Apparently this was dog lover’s central week because the other breaking wedding story that blew up the internet was all about puppies.

What Happened?

Some cute as a button pups crashed a Pennsylvania wedding. Ok, so they were invited, but who wouldn’t want these munchkins?! The bride is a board member of a rescue organization called Pitties Love Peace, and so she decided to bring 6 pups in on the fun of her wedding day.

What’s the Takeaway?

The bride really hopes that showing off the cutie pettuties will show the world that shelter dogs need mucho love.

Flower Girl Sweetness

Who stole the show during this Italy wedding? Why, the flower girl of course!

What Happened?

Scarlet Snow, a kiddie from Italy, was the flower girl for her older sister Christalle. Scarlet had so many cute moments, that the videos ended up going viral. It didn’t hurt that her and her family are somewhat of celebrities…

I make my daddy look good for mommy.🎩 #pittureperfect

A video posted by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on


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Wooden Chair Signs

Over to you…

That’s it for this week’s Bridal Buzz. Would love to hear your favorite trends in the comments! Ta ta for now!