8 Reasons Why You Should Use the WeddingHappy App as Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The WeddingHappy App has honestly been essential in my wedding planning process for a checklist and vendor management tool. I am currently about 2 months out from my wedding and I have been using this app since the beginning. As far as checklists go, you really don’t need anything else!

I tried many other checklist apps, including the big name sites, but they lacked the functionality and customization I was looking for to turn it into my own.

I actually thought I would need to use a combination of a few different apps to get the best of all worlds. That was not necessary as I found WeddingHappy was really all I needed.

Whether you are newly engaged and just looking for a place to get started, or if you are already knee deep in planning but finding you are just all over the place, this is the app for you!

WeddingHappy App Mobile Home Screen

Please note, I used this for my checklist and vendor details only. I did not use this app for the budget feature as it was added during an update partway through my wedding planning and I was already using a different tool that I think is amazing anyways.

There are so many great tools out there that it can actually be overwhelming.

Stay tuned for more information about other tools I have been using for my wedding in my future blog posts!

Without further ado, here are all the reasons why I think the WeddingHappy App is the ultimate wedding checklist tool:

1It doesn’t matter how far out you are from your wedding date

I was able to download the WeddingHappy App, plug in my estimated wedding date at the time, and it automatically created a task list that stretched out over the time that I had. The great thing about this is that it automatically customizes itself whether you have 15 months or 6 months.

The really awesome thing is it gives you a good order to go in and spreads the tasks out a bit (depending on how much time you have until your wedding day). Many of the other checklists out there say “12 months out,” “9 months out,” etc. with multiple tasks in clumps. Then, you don’t know out of that clump what to do first! Wedding planning is stressful enough with all the choices you have to make, this takes that stress away by giving you a clear order of priority.

2It comes with a great list of pre-loaded tasks….

Once again, I tried many of the other options that are out there and I just don’t think they were as good. Even if you don’t want to add any more of your own tasks, this will definitely get you through to the big day.

3…but it is also easily customizable

It was really easy to add in other tasks that I found needed to be done over time. For example, once I booked my ceremony venue, our liaison there asked us to contact her 6 months out to give her more information about the other vendors we had hired. I was easily able to just plug that right into the checklist along with everything else. You can also change due dates and vendor categories for your tasks very easily.

4You can filter by due date or by category type

The app also allows you to view the tasks by due date or by category type, which is just awesome. For example, if you want to see what was left to be done for only the officiant because you are meeting with them, you can very easily filter it that way.

5You can keep track of all your vendors and sync your category tasks with them…

You can add your vendor list right into the app with all of their details and the tasks associated with that category get synced right onto that vendor’s page. If you are not using certain types of vendors, then you can delete them as well. For example, if you go with a DJ and not a band, you just delete the whole band vendor option.

6…and you can easily keep track of all their contact info

The app connects with Yelp, so all you have to do is do a search within the app for the vendor name, and it will pop right up and load in all the details for you! I don’t recommend using this app to actually search for your vendors, there are better tools for that, but if you just want a place to store them, I think this is one of the best tools to do that.

7It has a great countdown feature

There is just something about swiping this screen down and seeing how many days are left until the big day. I don’t know if it brings me fear, excitement, stress, or a little of all three…but I think other brides out there know exactly what I am talking about here, right ladies?!

8It’s Free!

Free! The app is completely free for all of the functionality that I have mentioned here. They do have a couple of premium features, but the only reason you would need those is if you want to invite others to plan with you within the app.

The Cons

The only real downside I would say about this app is there is no desktop version. It is strictly a phone based app only. It would be nice to have it sync to a web based version so you can access it on your computer, but overall, this didn’t really limit me too much.

The other unfortunate thing it is only available for iPhone or iPad users. There is no Android version. However, in the year since I have had the app, they have made so many amazing updates that make it even better. This shows growth potential and makes me hopeful they will be expanding to Android at some point in the future.

Get the Wedding Happy App Here


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